TRAMS VPC Solution

TRAMS VPC Solution

TRAMS is a proprietary Vertical Probe Card solution for non-memory devices such as Logic and SoC. By using MEMS process technology through its own design and in-house manufacturing, it manufactures the complex structures of metal housing and metal spring simultaneously in a batch process.


  • • Excellent electrical contact stability (Direct contact of ST pad by free load)
  • • Simple and easy to assemble and repair with vertical structure
  • • Long life time and excellent test and mass production through application of Rh Tip
  • • Advantageous in supporting high speed (Length < 3 mm)
  • • Products for PAD/Solder bump


  • • Non-memory probe cards such as Logic and SoC (Probe head products supplied)


· TRAMS-P170 (Pad Application)
· TRAMS-B120 (Bump Application)