IPD Technology

IPD Technology

Owing to application diversification, Integrated Passive Devices (IPDs) are expected to show continuous growth.
The thin film IPD process offers high level of integrity such as miniaturization, low cost and high integration based on fine pitch, excellent tolerance control and high flexibility.
WithMEMS has strengthened its R&D through collaborations to cope with various application-specific requirements such as high-integration passive devices for high frequencies, MIS capacitors with high-Q characteristics, and high-capacity three-dimensional trench capacitors.


  • · MIS Capacitor
  • • High Capacity Silicon Capacitor: Cap density > 50 nF/mm2 (withstand voltage > 12V)
  • • IPD R, L, C Library: Secured DB for more than 300 devices including rectangular-, circular- and octagonal-structure inductors
  • · High Q & High Power IPD (8inch HRS) : Q > 25 @2GHz (Metal Thickness = 8um)


  • • Mobile communication components, RF Power IMFET, Hybrid IC or Quasi-MMIC matching circuits (GaN and Power MMIC)
  • • Devices and precision circuit boards (Interposers) for 5G or mmW applications, Bio application parts, Flexible/Wearable application parts