Ultra Film Solution

Ultra Film Solution

This is a proprietary Micro Film Contact solution that applies differentiated TPV (Through Polyimide Via) MEMS technology to separate contact bumps and signal patterns into two sides and enables compatibility with fine pitch (11um) with a structure connected through via.
By virtue of its innovative structure, the solution suffers no pattern damage due to particles in the process of repeated contact with the panels, and achieves excellent product reliability (Align precision and durability) by forming solid bumps.

Conventional Technology
WITHMEMS’s Technology


  • • Excellent contact bump reliability (implements robust bumps using TPV technology)
  • • Compatibility with fine-pitch products (compatible with 11um-grade fine pitch)
  • • Manufacture of core parts through its own MEMS fab (reduced lead time and cost competitiveness)
  • • Flexible application with various bump sizes and multi-pattern structures


  • • OLED/LCD display panel probe unit, membrane probe, etc.