MEMS Blade Solution

MEMS Blade Solution

Being a high-precision MEMS probe applied to the manufacture of probe cards for DRAM/NAND memory, CIS and DC, the 2D MEMS Blade is equipped with Rh tip to provide high-performance electrical and mechanical characteristics.
In addition, the Blade Pin for Display Probe Unit is capable of supporting the pitch of 30 um or greater.


  • • Manufacture of high-precision and high-reliability MEMS probe using MEMS processes (all processes internalized)
  • • Electrical and mechanical characteristics improved through implementation of Rh (rhodium) probe tip
  • • Design and manufacture of product designs customized according to requirement and performance
  • • Top level management of thickness precision (within ±1 um) through CMP and 3D AOI inspections


  • MEMS probe pin for DRAM/NAND probe card, MEMS Blade for CIS, DC Probe and Probe Unit, etc.