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Management Policy

Management Policy

Trust management

  • • Transparent management (sharing of quarterly business results)
  • • Open and mutually trusting organizations (horizontal organizational culture)
  • • Fair and reasonable compensation for performance

Mutual respect

  • • Active and open communication that takes initiative (management taking initiative)
  • • Communication that enables recognition of differences through listening and consideration among members
  • • A motivated workplace where individual creativity and autonomy are respected

Value creation

  • • Driving innovation promptly and proactively with crisis awareness
  • • Continuous creation of customer value on the basis of deep understanding of customers and markets
  • • Strengthening of T, Q, R, D, C competitiveness and core technology leadership through continuous innovation

Enthusiastic organization

  • • An organization with strong teamwork, aiming for 'us' rather than 'me'
  • • Organization that boils over with pride and enthusiasm for work
  • • A persevering and challenging spirit that pushes through without fearing failure