Silicon Dry Etch

Silicon Dry Etch

We have an 8-inch precision Silicon DRIE Etching infrastructure and accumulated process technologies for MEMS structure formation.
DRIE is used in applications such as Silicon MEMS, TSV, Silicon Thinning and MEMS Sensors, with the advantages of easily providing fast etching rate, high etching uniformity and easy profile.


  • • High aspect ratio: Si Etching aspect ratio of approximately 20:1 or more available
  • • Lithography process is applied for various um-level fine pattern precision processing according to requirements
  • • Possesses Scallop Control technology
  • • Precision etching of SiO2, SiNx and thin film


  • • 3DIC packaging TSV (Through Silicon Via), Si Wafer Guide, MEMS Sensor, Wafer Thinning, etc.